THURSDAY June 5th Paint Out River Canard


Thursday June 5th Paint Out

River Canard Park

We moved the day to Thursday this week as the weather reports are calling for rain.  As always the date is subject to change if the weather is bad.

River Canard park has parking and is a lovely spot to view the river. You can see the Church from the park, and they have walkways and fishing platforms that offer a solid location to set up.

There are washrooms, but I’m not sure if they will be open, but this is not far from LaSalle, and a Tim Horton’s.

The park is located on the north side of the river just west of the Church.

Google map to location

Emergency Contact information:
Emergency contact person day of event only, is Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald’s cell phone. 519-564-4361 This phone is only answered when I am out on location, it does not have call display or take messages. If I don’t answer try again. I may not have heard your call.

Other contact information:
Email for more information.
For all other phone inquiries please call Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald at home at 519-977-5687


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