TWO NEW EVENTS: Culture Days Urban Paint Out Friday – River Canard Park Monday


Urban Plein Air event with Nancy Bauer at the Walkerville Artists’ Co-op.

On Sunday September 28th Nancy Bauer will be doing an “Urban Plein Air” in &/or around the Windsor Artist Co-op on 1974 Wyandotte St. E.

Construction starts right at the corner of Devonshire and Walker Road, but don’t let that bother you. Walkerville Artists’ Co*op is just down from the Convenience store. There is parking in the back and on the streets in the area.

Google Map:

Date and Time: Sunday, September 28th 1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Look for Nancy near the Walkerville Co-op.
WAC store

Suggested Subjects

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Paint out River Canard Park

Location:  9466 Malden Rd.  Amherstburg, Ontario
Date & Time:  Monday September 29th 10 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.

River Canard park has parking and is a lovely spot to view the river. You can see the Church from the park, and they have walkways and fishing platforms that offer a solid location to set up.

There are washrooms, but I’m not sure if they will be open, but this is not far from LaSalle, and a Tim Horton’s.

The park is located on the north side of the river just west of the Church.

Google map to location

Emergency Contact information:
Emergency contact person day of event only, is Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald’s cell phone. 519-564-4361 This phone is only answered when I am out on location, it does not have call display or take messages. If I don’t answer try again. I may not have heard your call.

Other contact information:
Email for more information.
For all other phone inquiries please call Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald at home at 519-977-5687


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