Thank you from ERCA

It’s always wonderful to receive a verbal thank you, but when you receive a great thank you letter it just makes your day.


Greetings Elizabeth,

I wanted to extend a huge thank you (and your crew of artists) for your attendance as demonstrators at this year’s event.


Over the two weekends in September, we welcomed well over 2,000 visitors to the Holiday Beach Conservation Area. That was in no small part due to the efforts of the many volunteers, vendors and educators that made this year’s festival possible.


Demonstrators like you play a crucial role in striving towards the goals that the Essex Region Conservation Authority has set out. Your presence at Hawk Festival was greatly appreciated as we engage citizens young and old in the natural environment. While Holiday Beach is world-renowned in the birding community, it’s important to engage the community and make sure it’s a top destination for locals and visitors alike. You and your crew of artists were a unique and interesting addition to this year’s festival, demonstrating both amazing artistry and appreciation of the natural environment.

Personally, as it was my first year with ERCA and first ever experience at Hawk Fest, I was astounded at the positive energy and fantastic attitude of everyone involved, and I look forward to working with everyone again in the future.


Please feel free to add your feedback to our event evaluation survey. We’re always looking to improve upon our events and your comments are of great value in achieving that. You can find the survey at this link, which you can share with anyone who attended the festival.

Please pass along this message to your fellow artists. Thanks again.



Alex Denonville




Events Planner

Community Outreach Services

Essex Region Conservation Authority

360 Fairview Avenue West, Suite 311 , Essex, ON. N8M 1Y6

Used with permission.

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