Paint Out East Malden Park – Pond Side March 28th

Paint Out Malden Park

EAST side Malden Road entrance

This is the side where the ponds are located.

Monday March 28th, 10 a.m. 

Dress warmly.  The weather report shows it will be cold starting at 3 °C to 7 °C, or 38°F to 44 °F.  There will be some wind, and expect partly cloudy skies.

There are many picnic tables and benches available.

The Malden Park Visitor Centre has washrooms, but I’m not sure if they are open yet.  However, Tim Hortons is one block away on Huron Church.

Link to Google Map


Time to bundle up!
(Tailor this list to suit your needs.)

For your personal comfort:
It’s getting cold dress warmer!
  • WINTER HAT!  Don’t go for pretty, go for warm!
  • GLOVES!  I use a good pair of leather driving gloves.  They cut the wind, and you can still manipulate your brushes.  They will probably get wrecked, but it’s so worth it.  Your hands and face will be the first to feel the cold.
  • Warm socks,  I get mine in the sporting goods department.
  • Warm shoes or snow boots,
  • Warm wind proof coat
  • Snow pants if you have them.  I got mine on sale in Sports Check at the mall in January.  Best buy I ever made.
  • Long johns
  • Hand and toe warmers, Canadian tire sells these in 10 pair packages.  I stick one in my pocket and warm my hands as needed.
  • Snack
  • Water
For the sake of art:
  • Camera
  • Folding chair
  • Plein Air easel
  • Plein air pochade box
  • Drawing board
  • Plein Air umbrella.  This I still take in case it snows.  Snow and water soluble oils is disastrous.   If you use regular oils you will have no problem.
  • Paint and drawing supplies of your choice.

Your drawing supplies can be as little as a pencil, pad and sharpener or as elaborate as a full french easel box of oils and canvases. If you are just starting out, we suggest starting small.

If you come late you may not see everyone.  The Artists may dispursed to a location they like anywhere inside the park.  While we usually say come and leave when you like, know that if you come at noon, artists will be leaving, and they don’t like leaving you alone.


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