Monday May 9th. Paint Out New Location

The fruit wagon and Farm Dog Cycles

Located on county Rd 50 east of  the Village of Colchester

Click on map for larger image.

Time: 10:00 A.M.
Monday – Plein Air Paint-sketch out – Fruit Orchard

First a note about Google Maps. When it comes to the Harrow area you will get lost if you use Google Maps.  I give a correct map link below.

Do use this link:
Google Map:

Do not input this address into google, even though the address is correct.

793 County Rd 50 East
Harrow, Ontario
N0R 1G0

Park at the back by the barn quilt.

Dress in layers, the lake makes this area much colder than the city.

Link to hourly weather forecast:

Warning allergy alert: Bee Hives present on the farm.

How to avoid getting stung:

1. Don’t wear perfume or cologne.

In other words, don’t smell like a flower. Bees can detect and follow strong scents, and wearing perfumes or cologne will attract nectar-seeking bees and wasps from a distance. Once they find the source of the flower smell (you), they’re likely to investigate by landing on you or buzzing around your body.

2. Avoid wearing brightly colored clothing, especially floral prints.

This goes along with #1 – don’t look like a flower, either. There’s a reason beekeepers wear white. If you’re wearing bright colors, you are just asking bees to land on you. Keep your outdoor wear limited to khaki, white, beige, or other light colors if you don’t want to attract bees.

3. Don’t walk barefoot.

Bees may nectar on clover blossoms and other small flowers in your lawn, and some wasps make their nests in the ground. If you step on or near a bee, it’s going to try to protect itself and sting you. But if you’re wearing shoes, it’s only going to hurt itself, not you.

4. Try not to wear loose-fitting clothes.

Bees and wasps might just find their way up your pant leg or into your shirt if you give them an easy opening. Once inside, they will be trapped against your skin. And what’s your first impulse when you feel something crawling around inside your clothing? You slap at it, right? That’s a recipe for disaster. Opt for clothing with tighter cuffs, and keep baggy shirts tucked in.

5. Stay still.

If you’re afraid of bees and wasps, this may sound as reasonable as eating Jello® with chopsticks. But the worst thing you can do when a wasp flies around your head is swat at it. What would you do if someone took a swing at you? If a bee, wasp, or hornet comes near you, just take a deep breath and stay calm. It’s just trying to decide if you are a flower or some other item useful to it, and once it realizes you’re just a person, it will fly away.

Contact info:
If you get lost you can call Elizabeth on her cell at 519-564-4361
This phone does not take messages.
Please only call this number for paint out emergencies.
All other inquiries please use home number 519-977-5687.

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