Ducharme Plein Air Paint Out

10451695_10155134307160627_1802222079916322142_nMonday January 16th 10:00 a.m.

Between Colchester Village & Oxley

A special thanks to Ann Ducharme for the invite to her lovely property.  (Photo by Ann)  This beautiful wooded landscaped ravine will remind you of a fairy land.

We also wish to thank Ann for graciously opening her home to us.  You will be able to warm up, and use her washroom.  For those who are unable to take the cold you may paint in her dining room or studio.

(Note:  give yourself time this is a 35 to 45 min drive from Windsor.)

267 county rd 50 Harrow ON

EAST of Colchester Village, WEST of Oxley on the South or Lake side of the road.

Do not use your GPS, or internet maps to find this location, you will get lost.  I have bypassed the mistakes Google makes and have provided a link.  Please use the link below.

Two Google Links for driving directions
Via Howard Ave: https://goo.gl/maps/AKB2VbfpxdB2
Via Walker Rd: https://goo.gl/maps/ywZAN3WGZFt

There is more than one way to get to the Harrow area from Windsor. The above maps gives both Howard and Walker road alternatives.  If you have google maps on your phone you can send these direction to your phone.

Photo of the property in the summer.  Click on image to see larger size.  Pretend there is no green!

If you wish to try your gps try these gps coordinates 41.99632, -82.92567Time to bundle up!

(Tailor this list to suit your needs.)

For your personal comfort:
It’s cold dress warm!  We don’t want you getting frostbite.
Warm socks
Warm Boots
Warm wind proof coat
Snow pants if you have them
Long johns
Sunglasses protect your eyes from the glare of snow.
Hand and toe warmers.  Canadian Tire carries these and they are well worth the price.  OH they are on sale this week!

For the sake of art:
folding chair
Plein Air easel
Plein air pochade box
Drawing board
Plein Air umbrella (or look for shade which may not be available.)

Paint and drawing supplies of your choice

We are looking forward to seeing you MONDAY!

Emergency Contact information:
Emergency contact person day of event only, is Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald’s cell phone. 519-564-4361 This phone is only answered when I am out on location, it does not have call display or take messages. If I don’t answer try again. I may be driving or not have heard your call.

General contact information:
Email: PaintPleinAir@gmail.com for more information.
For all other phone inquiries please call Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald at home at 519-977-5687


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