Bobbi Wagner

B. Wagner

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About the Artist

True to Impressionist style, Bobbi Wagner’s paintings are evocative of time, place and mood.

In her Artist Statement she says;

“I am a colourist and I paint en plein air, because my observations inspire me and evoke feelings, impressions, and memories. My Wyandotte native ancestry is a subconscious source of intuition and my observation of nature is a source of inspiration. Whether I work with paint or glass, colour is primary. Whatever the medium, my imagination inspires me to play with colour, pattern, light and shadow. Colors are truer and so much more complex in real life than in a photograph.  There is a communion with a higher source that happens for me when I paint outdoors.  On the days when the stars are aligned and the paintings work, it’s such a high to capture that moment on canvas and preserve that slice of time.”

Bobbi Wagner has exhibited her artistic creations internationally and her work is in collections across Canada, in the United States, Japan, Central and South America.


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