Carol Anne Winters


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About the Artist

My Inspiration
I am an Artist and have been painting for many years.
Our Ontario countryside especially late Summer or early Autumn is dynamic with color. This is a source of stimulation for a painting or two.
The Gardens in Windsor are a favorite place to bring a camera, sketch book and supplies for Plein Air Painting.

My Design Strategy
In designing a painting, I want to capture the feeling of being in the place. Also, to bring to the paper or canvas a part of my soul that will be portrayed to the viewer.

My Working Process
I try to visualize what the image will look like on paper. Using 4×6 inch cards, I sketch the design using the elements of composition and value.
Other times I will take bits and pieces from photos to create a composition.

Windsor & Essex County Plein Air Society
Association of Representational Artists
Arts Council- Art Speak Gallery
Gibson Gallery
Leamington Art Centre

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