Isabelle West


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About the Artist

Born in Essex County, Ontario, Isabelle West developed her imagination at an early age through various mediums, such as drawing, sewing, crafting and painting. In high school, she took some formal art training, beginning with charcoal and pastels and graduating to oil painting. She has attended many art classes, but found watercolour to be her preferred medium, which was mostly self-taught. Painting has become an important part of her free time, either alone or with friends, as well as with the Windsor & Essex County Plein Air Society for the last few years. She enjoys the freedom of Plein Air painting, the outdoors, and sharing techniques with similar minds. Summer vacations usually include painting. Her diverse painting portfolio includes commission works. She has found a common fantasy thread woven throughout her works, uncovering an altered perception and dreamlike quality.

Painting has always been a pleasure, with a unique opportunity to uncover surprises!


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