Paint out January 20th – Ojibway

Ojibway Monday January 20th
Time 9:30 a.m.

There is access to washrooms after 10 a.m. We can also sketch inside. There are some great windows on the north side that look out at bird feeders.
NOTE: The park is large you may not see another artist if they have ventured into the woods. I set the time at 9:30, but you may come earlier or later. However, don’t feel you have to wait in the parking lot for other artists to arrive.
Dress warm
Snack & Water
folding chair
Plein Air easel or pochade box
Drawing board
Paint and drawing supplies
I don’t know if we can sketch inside until we get there, so don’t count on being able to do that. If there are school tours they do scavenger hunts inside the nature centre. Tours make painting inside near impossible.
If we can sketch indoors there are some restrictions.  No”trip hazards.” Therefore, no easels or equipment on the floor. You can bring in a chair to sit on. They do have a sitting area that looks out at bird feeders, a pond, and the woods. If you are painting inside the Nature Centre, we suggest that you treat this as a sketching opportunity. Bring sketchbooks, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, and anything that you can safely confine to your lap.
Of course, if you wish to work outside you may bring all your gear. The washrooms are available.
Here is a link to Google Map for directions:

Breakfast & painting Harrow Greenway

Monday January 13th, 2018

Harrow Chrysler Greenway
EARLY for Breakfast 8:30!

It’s been some time since we could just sit and chat over good food. Note, Daniell’s only takes cash. There is an ATM on the premises.

There is a lot of potential here.  Can you make it for breakfast at Daniell’s?  It’s right across the street from the Greenway.  Daniell has offered us overflow parking.  Breakfast at 8:30.  It’s an early day for many of us.  Please email Elizabeth at (paintpleinair at gmail dot com written out to prevent spammers) if you will be going for breakfast.

There is a lot to paint here.  You will need all the light you can get if you plan on panting the Country Depot and Shooters.  Both of these buildings are long time landmarks of Harrow.


This is a 35 to 40 min drive from Windsor.  Make sure you plan for delays.
Google Map link:

If it’s landscapes you want a short walk down the greeway will give you plenty of great scenes.  There is some parking on the Greenway, and Daniell has offered us overflow parking on her lot.


Link to hourly weather forecast:

For your personal comfort dress warm.
Think tobogganing when you were a kid!
Hats, gloves, earmuffs, scarves, leggings, pile it on to enjoy the day.

For the sake of art:
Camera (cell phone is a good choice)
Folding chair
Plein Air easel or
Plein air pochade box
Drawing board
Paint and drawing supplies of your choice

Should you need to contact Elizabeth, her cell number is available by email.  (paintpleinair at gmail dot com written out to prevent spammers)


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Paint out at Ann Ducharme’s January 6th

January 6th 9:30 – 12:30Ann Ducharms garden

A view of Ann’s Garden in the Summer. This is an incredible location and you don’t want to miss Ann’s hospitality.  Special thanks to Ann Ducharme, for the invite to her lovely property. This beautiful wooded landscaped ravine will remind you of a fairyland.

DucharmeentranceView looking east on county rd 50.
Please obey the one way signs.

New people!!  Heads UP!

Make sure you check the map before you go. Everyone gets lost their first time here! Warning! If you put Ann’s address into google maps it shows you the house across the street.

Anne’s Address:
273-293 Essex County Rd 50,
Harrow, ON N0R 1G0

Two Google Links for driving directions
Via Howard Ave:
Via Walker Rd:

NOTE: give yourself time this is at least a 40 min drive from Windsor

You are on your own if you use your GPS, or internet maps to find this location, you may  get lost.  I have bypassed the mistakes Google makes and have provided two links. Please use the links and a cell phone to find your way. I can’t stress this enough to first timers. This area is really messed up on maps. More than one of our members ended up very lost.  You can send the map to your phone.


Monday’s weather will be cold, but above freezing.  There will be winds, but the ravine at Ann’s place should provide some shelter.  We can also go into the studio to warm up.


Camera (cell phone is a good choice)
Plein Air easel
Drawing board
Paint and drawing supplies of your choice

Clothing:  It’s always colder than you think!! Dress in layers. This time of year will fool you. Leggings, Gloves, hats, scarves, warm socks, and pull out those hand and toe warmers.  If you have them you won’t need them, if you don’t you will!

We are looking forward to seeing you Monday.

To get Elizabeth’s cell phone number please email: