MONDAY November 12th Paint Out at Willistead

This week’s paint out will be on the grounds of Willistead Manor.  Are you up for a challenge?  The Mansion will give you a run for your money.    The grounds abound with mature trees, and meandering pathways.  The mansion, coach and gate house are architectural delights to paint or sketch.  If you can’t find enough subject matter on the grounds, then venture out into the surrounding Walkerville neighborhood that boasts beautiful homes and churches to paint as well.

Willistead Manor
1899 Niagara Street (at Kildare Street)
Windsor, Ontario

Willistead Manor is a 36-room mansion nestled within a 15-acre park, that offers great venue for weddings, receptions, meetings, and other special events.

It was built by Edward Chandler Walker, son of Hiram Walker in 1917. The manor’s Tudor-Jacobean architecture reflects 20th century ingenuity and the elegance of another era.


When I scheduled this, there was no snow or rain in the forecast.  That may change come Monday, so please keep an eye on the weather.


  • Food/water – We urge you to bring a sack lunch, and water.
  • Protective clothing –   It’s getting cold time to layer up.  Don’t forget gloves,  scarf and earmuffs.
  • Art supplies – Your art supplies can be as little as a pencil, pad and sharpener or as elaborate as a full french easel box of oils and canvases. If you are just starting out, we suggest starting small.

We hope you all take advantage of the best studio in the world… The Great Outdoors.

For more information email us at  Cell phone number will be provided to members only.  Email me for that information.


Ojibway Paint out

Monday November 5th 9:30 A.M. until Noon

You can sign up for our email campaigns here:

At Ojibway we may sketch indoors. Depending upon the weather you may paint indoors or out.  However, we will not know if we can sketch inside until we get there, so don’t count on being able to do that. If there are tours we will be underfoot as sometimes they do scavenger hunts inside the nature centre.

There are some restrictions if you paint indoors.  Please no trip hazards at your feet, no easels or equipment on the floor.  You may bring in a chair to sit on.  We suggest that you treat this as an indoor sketching opportunity.   Bring sketchbooks, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, and anything that you can safely confine to your lap.  If you wish to work outside you may bring all your gear.

The washrooms are available after 10 a.m.

ojibway map

Link to the 24 hour weather watch site:

Dress warm
Camera / cell phone is a good choice
Folding chair
Plein Air easel
Plein air pochade box
Drawing board
Paint and drawing supplies of your choice

Malden Park West Monday October 29th


Malden Park West, (Matchette Rd parking lot) Fall colours anyone?

October 29th 10:00 A.M. until ?

This side of Malden Park has interesting wooded areas, rolling hills and walking trails.  There aren’t many hills in Essex County, this will give you a new vantage point to paint from.

Google Map to entrance off Matchette Rd.

Take Tecumseh Rd West to Matchette Road.
Alternatively, take E.C. Row to Matchette Rd.  The parking lot is across from Mic-Mac park.  We will most likely be up in the hills

There is no way to predict what the weather will be like, but here is a link to a weather site that gives hourly updates on the weather.

It’s getting cold dress warmer thank you think you will need.
Hat, scarf, gloves and wind breaker jacket
folding chair
Trash bag
Portable easel
Drawing board
Paint and/or drawing supplies of your choice